Can-ter Vine Dairy Goats was established in 2009 when Adam Prochniak and I were married. We very commonly get the question, “Where did you get your name?” Our herd name is a rather special thing to use as it is a combination of two of our favorite animals that we have owned. The ‘Can’ portion refers to Candy, one of our senior most does who has since passed away. Candy was a very lovable Alpine doe and was the herd queen for years in her prime. The ‘ter’ portion refers to our Great Dane, Chester. While he was only with us for a very short period of time, he left an impression on our lives forever.

Can-ter Vine Dairy Goats began in 1994 under the herd name KC’s Kurve with just one Alpine doe which soon expanded to two and well, the rest is history. I, Casey, started showing at the Sibley County Fair in 4-H and Open class.  I then began showing at the Minnesota State Fair.

In 2007, Adam and I began showing at Club shows regularly and we have continued that tradition ever since.  In 2013, with the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association hosting, we were able to attend our first ADGA National Show.  Although this was our first National Show, we did better than we had hoped for and had respectable placings with numerous does and even had one doe (Starburst) in consideration for Best Udder.

In 2014, we attended the ADGA National Show in Louisville, KY, and were extremely happy with the results of that show. We didn’t bring many does but had two does in the Recorded Grade championship line-up. Malibu was our first place six year old doe and Super Nova was our 2nd place three year old doe. The champion was selected out of Super Nova’s class and we were very proud to have achieved that level of success at just our second National Show. We were also honored to receive the Reserve Premier Breeder for Recorded Grades.

At the 2016 ADGA National Show in Harrisburg, Pa, we made the cut with every goat that we brought and also had the 1st place Junior Get of Sire. The 2017 ADGA National Show in Madison, WI was extra special for us as we were selected to consign a kid to the Colorama Sale. This was a very humbling and exciting experience. We also had a 3rd place Intermediate Kid in some large and great Toggenburg classes. 

I (Casey) have been working as a Veterinary Technician since 2008 at the New Ulm Regional Veterinary Center. I also spend my free time making soap, lotion, caramel and fudge all from our dairy goat milk. Adam works at Firmenich which is a flavoring company based in Switzerland that makes fragrances and flavors for companies like Tyson, Subway, Coca Cola and Starbucks. Adam also is very proud of his background working in law enforcement in county jails and working for a few small town police departments. In 2012 we expanded our family to include our son, Benjamin. Benjamin is now 5 and loves all of his goats and has started showing at club shows. Our daughter Delaney was born in July of 2018. She LOVES being outside and being around the animals. We have no doubt she will have the same love for animals and showing as mom.

We really hope you enjoyed learning about our herd and family and welcome you to browse our website. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Can-ter Vine Dairy Goats
Casey, Adam, Benjamin & Delaney Prochniak
Gibbon, Minnesota
[email protected]