Toggenburg Breeding List

DoeDate DueBuck Bred ToKid Price B/DBuck Kid Avail.Doe Kid Avail.
YolandaFeb 16Folklore$500/$4002 buck kidsNone
RaineFeb 16Folklore$600/$500NoneNone
BrandiFeb 16Solo$400/$3001 Buck KidNone
GeminiFeb 16Folklore$300/$250NoneNone
DianaFeb 17Folklore$400/$3002 buck kids (one is polled)None
BelloFeb 17Solo$300/$250None
StarburstFeb 17Solo$300/$250NoneNone
StarlightFeb 17Folklore$400/$300None
RowandaFeb 23Gambler$300/$250
SprinklesFeb 23Gambler$300/$250None
CadburyFeb 24Solo$300/$250
CidreMar 8Folklore$400/$300
MoonMar 9Gambler$350/$3001st Retained
SolsticeMar 10Gambler$400/$3001st Retained
VanessaMar 11Solo$300/$250
LaFawndaMar 29Folklore$350/$250

Alpine Breeding List

DoeDate DueBuck Bred ToKid Price B/DBuck Kid ReservedDoe Kid Reserved
TuesdayFeb 9Jasper$600/$500None
RallyFeb 16Kneville$500/$4002 buck kids
KatanaFeb 23Kneville$400/$300
ZuZuFeb 24Kneville$500/$4001 buck kid
AlaskaMar 10Auric$400/$300
AuroraMar 16Kneville$700/$6001st Reserved

Recorded Grade Breeding List

DoeDate DueBuck Bred ToKid Price B/DBuck Kid Avail.Doe Kid Avail.
FrostFeb 23AuricNA/$300NANone
EspressoFeb 23AuricNA/$300NANone
SiriusFeb 24KnevilleNA/$300NA
MacchiatoFeb 25AuricNA/$300NA
PandoraMar 14AuricNA/$400NA
Pan-oramaMar 14AuricNA/$300NA

All of our kids are hand raised on CAE prevention, we are present for every kidding, they’re fed colostrum replacer and pasteurized milk. We have a very strict kid raising program.

If you are interested in reserving a kid, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation. I encourage a first and second choice reservation. A deposit is refundable if a kid from first or second choice is available, it may be transferred to the following years breeding if so desired. The deposit is also refundable if the breeder feels it does not meet breed standards, if there are congenital issues or if the kid dies while in possession of the breeder. It is preferred that kids be picked up by 4 weeks of age, special arrangements can be discussed if needed.