Soap and lotion can be ordered by contacting:
Casey Prochniak
507.217.7229 (call or text)

Shipping is available and to paid for by the purchaser.

PayPal, Venmo and Square accepted. Checks from former customers are accepted.


Soap is available for $5.00 a bar.

Almond Soap
Almond soap with Oatmeal Exfoliant
(Currently unavailable)
Fragrance Free Soap
Lavender soap with Lavender Flowers, made with Lavender essential oils
(Currently unavailable)
Happy Camper Soap
Eucalyptus & Citronella Essential Oils added
(Currently unavailable)
Island Coconut Soap
Peppermint Soap
made with peppermint essential oil & peppermint leaves
(Currently unavailable)
Nitty Gritty Soap
Made with a “masculine” scent and sand for extreme exfoliation.
Pumpkin Harvest Soap
Sandalwood Soap
(Currently Unavailable)
Cold Water Soap
“Masculine” Scent
(Currently unavailable)
Rise ‘N Shine Soap
A light citrus scent.
(Currently unavailable.


Lotion is available at
$11.00 for 8 ounce bottles (includes pump)
$6.00 for 4 ounce bottles